Fall Muskie Fishing

To muskie anglers, northern Wisconsin is a special place. And, fall is a special time to enjoy this quest for the most challenging and rewarding of all freshwater fish. The lakes that were busy during the summer vacation season take on a more magical personality. Bigger fish are more vulnerable beginning the second half of September and this exceptional period lasts until ice forms on the lakes. Those anglers that take on the fall challenge can be rewarded with the opportunity at the fish of a lifetime. Ken does his best to prepare the guests in his boat for all the trials that they may face, including weather, and the mental toughness to catch a Wisconsin muskie. As most successful anglers will tell you, the journey and the chase of these magnificent fish is well worth the effort.

Most tactics are on the table, including casting, trolling, and live bait presentations. You will learn not only the top lakes for these fish, but the best methods and the times to use them.

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